12 Best Cat Toys for Every Feline in 2023

Are you seeking the best toys to keep your cat active and entertained? There are many intriguing options for cats if you're looking for something to keep your furry friend busy while you're away or simply want to give them some new options to keep their playtime interesting.

Types of Cat Toys:


Balls are an essential part of any cat's toy box. From classic ping-pong balls to jingly, jangly catnip-infused balls, your kitty will have hours of entertainment playing solo or with you.

Interactive Toys

From puzzle toys to cat wands, interactive toys are a great way to keep your cat engaged and active. Puzzle toys require your cat to use their senses to figure out how to get the treats inside, while cat wands provide the perfect opportunity for your kitty to practice their stalking and hunting skills.

Catnip Toys

Catnip is a popular herb that cats love. Catnip toys come in all shapes and sizes, from stuffed animals to balls and even playful mice.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts give cats the perfect outlet to sharpen their claws and stretch their bodies. Not only are scratching posts great for cats, but they also help keep your furniture protected from unwanted shredding.

Here are 12 must-have cat toys that no kitty should have, ranging from interactive puzzles to the perennially popular catnip-filled balls.

1. Magic Organ Cat Scratchers 2 In 1 Funny Shaped Cat Scratching Board Foldable Convenient Recyclable Durable Cat Scratcher

The Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board is the perfect place for your cat to scratch. It also helps your cat's nails grow, builds muscle tone, and relieves stress at home by letting your cat satisfy its natural urges to strike, all without ruining your furniture. It can be boring when you're not at home without enemies to score, so it can destroy your furniture or puncture its own pads when sharpening nails. The unique form of the Magic Organ Cat Scratcher Toy is perfect for stretching and playing on, and cats of all ages will enjoy sinking their claws into it. No cat can resist it because it doubles as a toy and a claw grinder. It may be scrunched at will to make cats adore claws, folded into the shape of a bone, or used as a cot for sleeping. The Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board is made of non-toxic cornstarch adhesive and environmentally friendly premium corrugated paper. Neutral designs are closer to resembling tree bark. It is made of a thickened honeycomb-density mesh with small holes that is strong and won't hurt the claws. Cats become more seductive when touched in different ways.

Additionally, this design makes the scratcher 50% more robust than standard ones. This toy is made of a soft TPR material that is hard to chew and strong enough to last long with dogs of all sizes. However, using it for no more than 20-30 minutes per day is recommended to ensure your pet's health.

2. Electric Fish Cat Toy Realistic Interactive Kicker Jumping Dancing Kitten Toys

This floppy fish cat toy's clear and lifelike appearance makes it simple to pique the cat's interest. Allow your kitten to sigh as the electric wagging fish moves its tail to entice and catch cats. Indoor Interactive Cat Toys, Plush Realistic Flopping Fish, Wiggle Fish Catnip Toys, Electric Moving Fish Cat Rechargeable via USB Simply open the zipper and insert the USB wire to charge the fish cat toy. Also, since the motor is removable, take it out of the fish's belly along with the catnip pouch that comes with the toy before you clean it.

3. Cat Rotating Windmill Multi-Function Toys Itch Scratching Device Teeth Shining Toy

The product has a built-in wearable light ball, catnip, educational toys that raise cats' IQs and stop them from grinding their teeth, and soft, healthy materials in various colors that the cat can choose from.

4. Creative Cat Pet LED Laser Funny Toy Smart Automatic Cat Exercise Training Entertaining Toy

Cats will like playing with this product the most. Cats are amused by the laser light, and the automatic rotation mechanism adds even more fun. Five different settings are available for adjusting the circular range, and they may also be utilized in handheld mode for interactive play between the cat's owner and the cat. This intelligent cat toy also has a built-in function to turn it off after 15 minutes and put it back on after 1.5 hours for more playtime.

5. Pet New Cat Wicked Ball Toy Intelligent Ball USB Cat Toys Self Rotating Ball Automatic Rotation Ball

High-quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly, scratch-resistant materials that are safe for pets to bite and gnaw on make this ball. It is an exciting toy for teasing cats because it rolls arbitrarily and automatically changes direction. It is a hands-free toy since it runs automatically, enabling hands-free play. This ball also encourages communication between pets and their owners, making it a fun and engaging toy for everyone.

6. Automatic Cat Toy Smart Laser Teasing Cat Collar Electric USB Charging Kitten Amusing Toys Interactive Training Pet Items

Cats' inactivity and sloth can result in obesity, which raises their chance of dying young. You must keep your cat active to maintain its health. It can be challenging to give your cat regular care and keep them from becoming lazy and sedentary. The Smart Teasing Cat Collar can be helpful in this situation.

You may occupy your cat with this hands-free toy while working on other things. The cat is always in front of the combined ray of light, making it impossible not to chase it. The toy is built to switch off automatically after 15 minutes and then turn back on after 1 hour and 30 minutes, making it convenient and low-maintenance.

Selected PC and TPC materials that are comfortable, strong, and washable are used to make the collar. An adjustable collar length to fit most cats makes it secure for your pet. Additionally, the yoke is lightweight and cozy for cats to wear as they play.

This item is ideal for people who want to get their cat a new toy, have a fat cat, or can't take care of their pet all the time. It is also suitable for people who are worried that their cat will damage their home or other things. The Smart Teasing Cat Collar is an excellent way to keep your cat active and healthy while giving you peace of mind.

7. Cat Toy Self-Hi Sucker Spring Rabbit Hair Ball Interactive Play Pet Supplies Interactive Toys

The ideal toy for your feline pal is the Simply Give Ball for Cats. With the help of this ball, your cat's natural instinct to hunt will be sparked. This will help your cat get more exercise and be less fat, bored, and sad. Even when their favorite human is unavailable or busy, this toy's soft and interactive nature keeps your cat busy and active.

This plush ball is part of a group of products called "amusing cat sticks," and it is one of them. Pink spring bell badminton, yellow spring rabbit hair ball, pink spring rabbit hair ball, and blue spring rabbit hair ball are the four possible colors. The Simply Give Ball for Cats gives your cat the gift of limitless playfulness and enjoyment.

8. Pet Automatic Toy Funny Cat Interactive Toy

Your cat will love the Top Felt Pad as a new scratching post. This pad helps keep your feline friend's claws clean and lessens the possibility that they will scratch furniture by promoting healthy marking behaviors. The place rotates in reaction to your cat's touch, and the top-felt texture is ideal for a gratifying scratch.

The scratchpad doesn't require batteries and keeps spinning 360 degrees in both directions, giving your cat hours of fun. Since the pad's size was measured by hand, there can be a 1-2 cm difference. Please be aware that the item's color may alter due to monitor variations. Overall, cat owners who want a solid and exciting way to scratch should seriously consider the Top Felt Pad.

9. Pet Toys Electric Jumping Shrimp USB Charging Simulation Lobster Funny Cat Plush Pets Toy

The product is safe and healthy for you and your family since the soft fabric of the highest quality was used to make it. The toy's tail, designed like a lobster, can be activated to cause one of three tail-swinging motions. The movement is made of pom-pom material and can withstand bumps and falls. This USB-rechargeable cat toy swings back and forth because it has a built-in sensor. This will get your child to play with it. The removable, rechargeable motor is simple to remove and clean through the zipper. The toy's design is lovely, allowing kids to discover the beauty of life and the universe while still having fun with their favorite childhood toys.

10. Electric Automatic Rotating Flower Pet Products

The remote control butterfly toy has a straightforward one-button operation and is made to be simple to operate. For simplicity, the remote is powered by regular AAA batteries. The motor at the base of the light activates when the light is turned on, causing the butterfly to spin smoothly.

11. Cat Tunnel Toy Foldable Cat Tube Indoor Cat Cave Bed Multi-Function Pet Toy For Cats Interactive Ball Toy

This cat tunnel bed is made to fit your cat's character and personality. Its variable shapes let you position it where you want to give your cat an enjoyable, engaging environment. Your cat may unwind and play independently in the bed, safe and cozy from the tension and agitation of the outside world. This cat tunnel bed is ideal for providing comfort, entertainment, and your own company.

12. Cat Astronaut Capsule Backpack

Dogs may have to stay home for an extended period when you go on an outing. While many pet owners desire to travel with their animals, they are often concerned about the hassle. Possessing a chic and helpful dog carrier is a solution to this issue. With this carrier, you won't just be able to transport your dog but also carry it like a laptop on your shoulder. If you do it this way, you won't have to be concerned about your dog going around in public and possibly getting lost. You can also confine your dog by placing it inside the carrier when you need quiet time.


This list's selection of cat toys is the result of careful investigation and review. We tried the toys and looked at customer feedback from various retail websites to make our final decision. Our decision-making process was primarily influenced by safety, adaptability, and convenience. We aim to meet many pet owners' needs, preferences, and lifestyles. This list was greatly influenced by our interactions with our feline buddies. Our beloved cats actively participated in the process and gave us wise ideas and thoughts.

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