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2L Smartpaws Automatic Pet Feeder: The Ultimate Solution For Remote Feeding

  • Brand: Dog Hugs Cat
$197.95 USD
$179.95 USD

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Introducing the 2L SmartPaws Automatic Pet Feeder: the ultimate solution for remote feeding. With its innovative features and sleek design, this pet feeder is a must-have for every pet owner.

Say goodbye to worrying about feeding your furry friend while you're at work or out of the house. Thanks to the remote control DOGNESS APP, you can now feed your pet with just a few taps on your smartphone. Rest assured knowing that your pet is well taken care of, even when you're not around.

The SmartPaws Automatic Pet Feeder takes the guesswork out of feeding your pet. With its scientific feeding plan, you can easily set the number of food portions and frequency of meals. This ensures that your pet gets the right amount of nutrition at the right time.

Not only does this feeder provide convenience, but it also ensures the freshness of your pet's food. The double preservation function locks in the freshness and nutrients of the food, guaranteeing that your pet receives the best possible nutrition with every meal.

Want to have some interactive fun with your pets? The manual feeding function allows you to personally feed your furry friend, creating a special bonding experience between you and your pet.

With a generous 2L capacity food hopper, this pet feeder can hold a substantial amount of food, reducing the need for frequent refills. Its simple and fashionable design makes it easy to match with any home decor, seamlessly blending into your living space.

Customize the feeding experience with the colorful indicator light. Let your creativity shine as you set unique and infinite feeding settings for your pet. Plus, the insufficient food warning function reminds you to replenish food in a timely manner, ensuring that your pet never goes hungry.

Worried about power outages? The SmartPaws Automatic Pet Feeder has you covered. With both USB charging and battery power supply options, you can rest assured that your pet's feeding plan will be carried out uninterrupted.

Crafted with high-quality ABS and stainless steel materials, this pet feeder is built to last. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the daily wear and tear of pet life.

Don't compromise on your pet's well-being. Invest in the 2L SmartPaws Automatic Pet Feeder and experience the convenience, reliability, and peace of mind it brings. Make feeding time a breeze and give your pet the nutrition they deserve.

Important Information
 Plastic, metal
Package Size: 227 x 195 x 312 mm

● Material: ABS + stainless steel
● Capacity: 2L
● Power Adapter: input: 100 - 240V 50 / 60Hz 0.4A; output: 5V / 1A

Product information
Product size (L x W x H):
 34.60 x 18.80 x 25.90 cm / 13.62 x 7.4 x 10.2 inches 
Product weight: 1.2000 kg
Package weight: 1.6200 kg 



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2L Smartpaws Automatic Pet Feeder: The Ultimate Solution For Remote Feeding

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