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Freshair Ionizer

  • Brand: Dog Hugs Cat
$39.95 USD
$35.95 USD

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Introducing the FreshAir Ionizer, your ultimate solution for a refreshing and odor-free environment. This innovative negative ion deodorizer is a must-have addition to your home or office. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a breath of fresh air!

Compact and stylish, the FreshAir Ionizer is designed to fit seamlessly into any space. With dimensions of 9.7*3.7cm, it effortlessly blends into your surroundings while working its magic behind the scenes. The sleek color box, measuring 12*12*4.3cm, adds a touch of elegance to the overall presentation.

Weighing just 168g (with color box), this smart air freshener is lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily move it from room to room. Whether you want to eliminate cooking odors from the kitchen or freshen up your living room, the FreshAir Ionizer has got you covered.

The FreshAir Ionizer comes complete with everything you need to get started. The packing list includes 1 x Smart Air Freshener, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x base, 1 x back sticker, and 1 x User Manual. Setting up and operating this device is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly manual provided.

Harnessing the power of negative ions, the FreshAir Ionizer effectively neutralizes and eliminates odors, leaving your space smelling clean and revitalized. Simply plug in the USB charging cable, place the device in the desired location, and let it work its magic. The compact size allows for easy placement on desks, countertops, or even in your car.

Not only does the FreshAir Ionizer eliminate odors, but it also helps to improve air quality. Negative ions have been proven to reduce airborne pollutants, allergens, and even bacteria. Breathe in fresh, clean air and enjoy a healthier environment with this remarkable device.

Upgrade your space with the FreshAir Ionizer and experience the transformative power of negative ions. Don't let unpleasant odors dampen your mood – take control of your surroundings and create a welcoming atmosphere. Order your FreshAir Ionizer today and say hello to a breath of fresh air!

Important Information
Package Size:
120 x 120 x 43 mm
120 x 120 x 86 mm
250 x 120 x 100 mm

Product Information: 
Product name: Negative ion deodorizer
Product category: perfume, deodorant
Product size: 9.7*3.7cm
Color box size: 12*12*4.3cm
Product weight: 168g (with color box)

Packing list:
1 x Smart Air Freshener
1 x USB charging cable
1 x base
1 x back sticker
1 x User Manual

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Freshair Ionizer

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