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Woodland Critter Playtime Set

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$14.95 USD
$12.95 USD

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Introducing our Woodland Critter Playtime Set - the perfect toy collection for your furry friends! Made from high-quality wood, this set of 9 toys is designed to provide endless entertainment for hamsters, birds, rabbits, and more.

Each toy in this set is thoughtfully crafted to engage and stimulate your pet's natural instincts. Let's take a closer look at what's included:

• Pine cone: A natural and textured toy that will keep your critter engaged for hours. Watch as they explore, nibble, and play with this unique item.

• Molar square wood: Perfect for dental health, this toy is designed to satisfy your pet's chewing needs. Made from safe and durable wood, it will help keep their teeth in top shape.

• Molar ring: Another essential for dental care, this ring-shaped toy is great for promoting healthy teeth and gums. It's a must-have for every critter's playtime routine.

• Dumbbell: Get your pet moving with this fun and interactive toy. The dumbbell shape makes it easy for them to grip and play with, providing exercise and entertainment.

• Watermelon Ball: Treat your critter to a refreshing playtime experience with this adorable watermelon ball. Its vibrant colors and enticing texture will keep them entertained for hours.

• Swing: Add a touch of adventure to your pet's habitat with this charming swing. Watch as they swing back and forth, enjoying the thrill of this delightful accessory.

• Apple branch: A natural and flavorful treat, the apple branch will not only entertain your pet but also provide them with a tasty snack. It's the perfect way to add variety to their diet.

With our Woodland Critter Playtime Set, you can create an enriching and dynamic environment for your beloved pets. Whether they're climbing, chewing, swinging, or exploring, this collection of toys will keep them engaged and entertained.

So why wait? Treat your furry friends to the ultimate playtime experience with our Woodland Critter Playtime Set. Order now and let the fun begin!

Important Information
Material: Metal, Wood
Package Size: 240 x 190 x 90 mm

Product information:
Material n: wood
Color: Set of 9
Applicable objects: hamsters, birds, rabbits, etc.
Name: Hamster toy set

Packing list:
Pine cone*1
Molar square wood*1
Molar ring*1
Watermelon Ball*1
Apple branch*1bag

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Woodland Critter Playtime Set

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